Monday, May 11, 2009

Anticipating Our Heavenly Home

"Are we there yet?"
"Are we almost there now?"
"When are we going to be there?"

It is almost always some variation of the above. No matter whether we are going to grandma's, to school, or to the grocery store, my youngest is eager to know when we are going to arrive. I suspect you have experienced the same thing, if you've ever been the parent or passenger in a car with kids.

Then no matter what I answer, she responds with, "Is that a long time?"

I'm not sure if her questions come from excitement over the destination or weariness over being in the car yet again. She is the baby (she'd say the little sister!) of 5 children and does spend alot of time being shuffled around in the car.

I thought today, "I wish I knew the answer, dear." I wasn't thinking of how long it was going to take to get to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, but I was thinking of Heaven.

I think that there is a vein in all of us that runs with the question "When are we going to get there or when will Jesus come again?" Is it due to the anticipation of arriving in the presence of the Lord and experience the beauty and glory of Heaven where we will be able to worship God day and night or the eagerness to part from our troubles here and have it all behind us?

I am sure it is both, but as we walk through difficulties our hunger for heaven seems to be at a peak. The life hear can become weary, almost seeming futile. The battles can be intense. The grief over relationships lost can be deep. The storms can be torrential; the emptiness, vast; physical pain overwhelming; uncertainties lurking at every corner.

We are caught in the tension of living for the Lord in today, no matter what He has for us, blessings or pain, and yet pressing on, persevering, towards what He has called us to in Jesus, in Heaven (Philippians 3:14).

A friend of mine reminded me of a song that mutual friends of ours wrote, "There is a Place." Dear reader, if you are struggling, today, like I am, wanting to glorify God in the now in the midst of all sorts of uncertainty and trials, and yet tired and yearning for our heavenly home, I hope it will encourage you. You can link to the song at: .

"Is it a long time?" That's what my daughter asks. I ask it of the Lord, too. How long until He comes and takes us home? I'm not sure, but I will continue to persevere for Him in this life, in His Word and in His love until He chooses the perfect time, and then I will run and embrace Him, and I will be whole. I know that He has alot of work for each one of us to do, now, as we shine for Him in a world where there is much pain and much need for the love of Jesus. I thank Him that we are His ambassadors. However, what a comfort to know that God will wipe every tear from our eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain (Revelation 21:4). All will be well.

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Andy and Katie said...

I can just hear her asking "is that a long time?!" :)

We LOVE that song by Abe & Lisa!!! Thanks for the reminder to listen to it again!

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