Sunday, August 30, 2009

Born To Do This!

There is something about learning to ride a bike that is so beautiful! I watched my youngest daughter mount her bike and with great confidence, take to it like a butterfly to the sky. Within minutes, she was circling round and round the circle at the end of our street. The wind was blowing the wisps of hair out from under her helmet and her smile spread from chin strap to chin strap. Then, as she was peddling away from me, little head held high, hands gripping the handle bars, I heard her sing out loud, with great joy …

“I wasss boorrrnnnn tooo dooo thisss!”

There is the little child in each of us, I am certain, that yearns to find the thing that we are born to do. I am not talking about the thousand things we do each day, which are important and necessary, but realizing what our God given passion is. What makes our heart sing, and ultimately, what makes our heart sing for God?

It is about discovering what God has called us uniquely to do for Him. It is understanding how and believing that He has gifted us. It is seeking Him for how He desires us to use those gifts.
Ultimately that which we find true joy in is what God has called us to do, whether little or big, and it becomes an act of worship in our lives. If He calls us to serve, and we are doing it with His prompting and in His power, it brings us joy. If we are called to teach, and do it unto the Lord, it brings us joy. If we are called to encourage, and do it with a motivation to strengthen others in the truth, then it brings us joy. If we are called to intercede in prayer for others, it brings us great joy. And on and on.

When we discover what we are born to do we are able to enjoy God in it, glorify Him and find our joy, as well. What about you, dear reader? God has given each of us gifts to use for His sake, to encourage and help others. What are yours? I think it is hard to know, sometimes, maybe even most times. There are so many distractions pulling at us, calling us away from what God wants us to do. Ask God. He will show you. He is faithful to do so.

My prayer is that you will know and with confidence proclaim, “I was born to do this!” and that in it you would find the beauty of who you are and be filled with the joy of Jesus.

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