Friday, September 25, 2009

Come Dear One, and Hold My Hand

Getting out of my car at the grocery store, I noticed a little girl of about four or five years old. With a teddy bear gripped in one arm, she ran through the parking lot, headed towards the store doors. Following in close pursuit, her mother called to her, “Come here, dear, right now! Hold my hand! Parking lots are dangerous. You could get hit by a car or fall and hurt yourself. Please hold on to my hand!”

Thankfully, there are no other details to my story, other than what God impressed upon my heart. There was a chance that the outcome could have been different …

Are we not like that little child sometimes? We are going from here to there, either physically, emotionally or spiritually, at a rapid rate. We try and grip all sorts of things for security (like the teddy bear), but these things do not provide for us what the Lord does. Our Father in heaven calls out to us, “Come here, dear one, I love you. Hold my hand. My hand is not a restraining one, but a loving one. It is dangerous out there. Let me guide you, protect you and lead you, safely.”

Psalm 139:10 says, “… Your hand will guide me; your right hand will hold me fast.” God is ever present, calling to us when we walk the wrong way and try and dart out from under His love and His commands for us. He is aware of the dangers that are around us. We may be unaware, but He is ever aware.

The little child needed to slow down, listen, reach out for a loving hand and hang on, and so do we. We need to realize that our security is not from the things that we hold on to, but from the One who is willing to hold our hand. Reach out, dear reader, and grasp the strong and gentle hand of God today, for He loves you very much.


Jennie said...

Thank you, dear friend. Needed that today.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture. Thanks.

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