Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Fog of Worry

The white lines of the road seemed to dash past me on my left, as I drove down the highway. I could not see much of anything else. The dense morning fog saturated the air. Only mere shadows of things were visible, making it hard to determine road signs and familiar markers. I knew they were all out there, I just couldn't see them, and perspective faded away. Within miles the fog dissipated and my ability to see in to the distance was restored. The colors were again clear and vivid. I could see down the road and be prepared for bumps in the road, exits and even, potential detours that just moments before had been challenging to predict.

So it is with worry and anxiety. I can get stuck in the fog of it. I don’t really intend to, it just seems like it creeps up on me, and I creep in to it. Quickly, I feel the confined claustrophobia of worry. My perspective fades. I miss out on the vivid scenery around me. The colors of life are less bright, and my ability to be prepared for bumps in the road and the ways I need to go are inhibited by an overwhelming sense of worry.

Worry – it can be over one big thing or made up of a gazillion (is that even a word you may ask? The dictionary actually says it is and defines it as “an extremely large, indeterminate number”) little drops of matter that form a mask, a film, a screen. It inhibits our vision of God and of our circumstances. It overtakes us and blocks our ability to trust and rest and be restored by the Lord.

God knows that we are prone to it – it is the mistrust in us that messes with our minds and hearts. He encourages us, though, to not worry. He has it all covered – our worry need not do the covering. We will not add a single hour to our day by doing so (Matthew 6:25-34) and it will only result in anxiety, not productivity or peace.

Dear reader, when we find ourselves overcome by worry, we need to turn our attentions to God through His Word and in prayer, trusting in Him. It is a challenge. There are really big things that do bring us concern; life is full of uncertainties and responsibilities. Trust them to the Lord, ask Him what you should do and what you need to place in to His tender care. Over time, you will see that He does make all things clearer. He will lift the fog and will lead you, prepare you and gently care for you.

PS -- Lest anyone thinks I do not struggle, I really need to heed my own advice today. So, off I go to cooperate with God in clearing the fog ...

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Anonymous said...

We all get overcome with worries. You described the confinement of worry so well. My prayer for you, for me and all who follow your blog is that the entrapment of worry will give way to a vivid life in Christ. Thank you for your dedication to writing and helping others!

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