Thursday, February 11, 2010

Caulking the Cracks

“What’s the mouse count today?” I kidded with my elderly friend.

“Three,” she said. “I’m hoping we got them all. The neighbor caulked around the stone outside where there are some cracks, so hopefully they won’t get in. I think I’m at peace again.”

Well, I don’t know about you, but from time to time, some pesty vermin start scurrying around inside of me. When I develop cracks in my foundation, they sneak right in and try to make themselves at home. Little critters (and sometimes not so little ones) like fears, doubts and worries, make their way through openings in my heart. The cracks are usually a loss of my confidence in the Lord and His love for me, especially when my foundation is shaken by crisis and trial. When I hear the pitter-patter of their little feet, I need to caulk up the cracks with the firm filling of God’s truths.

I wish that the cracks would never come, but they do. However, knowing that we have the perfect caulk helps, as long as we remember to use it and apply it properly. God’s Word is a great healer and a great barrier to unwanted “vermin” in our lives. The more time we spend with the Lord in prayer and in His Word, the less we have to worry about these cracks forming or getting big enough to let in these unwanted visitors, but when they do – God and His truths are present and able to take care of the cracks and give us peace, again.


Betsy said...

Great analogy!

Anonymous said...

well said, my friend! i wish the cracks didn't happen either...but how wonderful to know we have direct access to the premium 'caulk'!
love you...keep writing and keep running the are an inspiration to all and are being powerfully used by the Lord to minister in ways you will never know...

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