Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Olympics of Life

“It’s not too late, Mom,” my children said, almost in unison. “You can still do it!”

“You’re faster! Stronger! Built to last longer, Mom” my ten year old son added, with a smile on his face that oozed playfulness.

I briefly pondered whether he thought I was similar to a Ford truck, and then went on to say with a sigh, “No, I don’t think I can do it. I’m afraid it’s too late. There are no 45 year old mothers in the Olympics.”

The children and I bantered back and forth about, if given a chance, what event we would do in the Olympics. My 10 year old son wants to do mogul skiing. My 14 year old daughter dreams to be a figure skating (of course). And for me? Anything fast, I decided – perhaps speed skating.

I love the Olympics and by osmosis (or genetics, I'm not sure) my family does, too. We stake out our domain every night in the family room and watch with great enthusiasm. (I do believe it is the most I sit all year). Something about them makes my heart race, my legs twitch, my eyes narrow and my brow furrow, as I take on the anticipation of the events that are being broadcast on my television set. Little known fact about me – I always wanted to be an Olympic athlete.

Truth be told, I never even got close to being an Olympic athlete, nor have I ever speed skated. I lettered in high school track all four years and did compete in a mini-triathlon in the last year (trust me, very mini), but that is about it for my competitive athletic ventures, at least to date. I’m okay with never feeling the weight of the gold around my neck or making a victory lap. let alone walking the ring of the opening ceremonies. Really, I am. (sniff -sniff).

As I watch the games though, I have been thinking a lot about running the race with the Lord. It requires intense training in righteousness that comes through enduring trials, courage, fighting the good fight – and guts. It requires keeping our eyes fixed ahead of us, on Jesus. It demands devotion and determination of the bravest kind.

The thing is, in the Olympics of life, we may not wear a gold medal around our neck but God does tell us that someday we will receive a crown that will last forever (1 Corinthians 9:25). So dear reader, whether you are gifted with physical athletic abilities or not, continue to run the race that God has set before you, in heart, soul and mind(Hebrews 12:2). Someday, rest assured, we will be run a victory lap with the One who won the victory for us – Jesus. It will be more than worth it!


Anonymous said...

You are an olympic champion: servant of Christ, wife, mother, friend.

Andrea @ Unfailingly Loved said...

Thank you, friend. I appreciate the encouragement and the support.

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