Friday, May 7, 2010

"Someday, My Prince will come ...."

The image of a sweet, innocent, trusting, yearning little girl inside each one of us is close to the surface of my heart this week. We may see her in a picture or in children around us, but maybe even stronger, we feel her deep down inside.

She is very real, isn’t she? Memory is an amazing thing. In remembering, we can conjure up images of events that have happened to us, joys or sorrows or hurts, as well as dreams that have faded. Our past affects our present; we can’t help it, it just does.

And in the brokenness and grief deep down inside most of us, our little girl hearts cry out, “Someday my prince will come …“ and we hope and so desperately want to believe that our knight in shining armor will rescue us and brings us security and joy.

And the good news is – He has.

Jesus came to rescue you from your sin and heartache in your life. When He looks at you, He thinks you are beautiful – because you are. He thinks that you have value– because you do. He thinks that you are worth fighting for – and He did. And He loves you very much.

He loves you whether you are:

· Young or old

· Tall or short

· Gray haired, brown haired, blonde haired or red haired.

He loves you regardless of:

· The color of your eyes

· The size of your dress

· Your shoe size

· What you do for a living or how many “talents” you possess

· How many children you have or the fact that you do not have any

He loves you if:

· You are married, divorced, single or widowed

· You live in a house, an apartment or a car

· You have failed and made bad choices in big ways and in little

· You have scars on your face – or scars on your heart

I need to remember this more days than not. Maybe you do, too.


Juanita said...

Thank you Andrea...this week, as I forged into childhood pain once again, I experienced another level of healing...once again. His security, protection, and acceptance of me has become stronger than the lack thereof that I have lived with since childhood. It has been quite beautiful...sometimes His power is so miraculous.

mamabear said...

Beautiful post, Andrea. I know there must be pain behind these posts, but I marvel at the gift of words--of encouragement that God has given you. I hope the other side of this pain has arrived, or will soon.

When emotional pain comes, our only choice is to meet it head on. Not only are you doing that, but you're helping others do the same by pointing them to Jesus, our ultimate healer.

I will pray for you and for your writing ministry.

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