Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Fear of Being Forgotten

Trips to the dentist. Phone calls. A special request from the children for a treat at the store. A promise to play a game. My purse. Paying a bill. A submission for the community calendar I write for. Scheduling appointments (Which reminds me … I need to call the orthopedist for one of my children). And on and on it goes. I have been awfully forgetful lately.

It’s really bugging me. I hate the pit in my stomach when I realize that I forgot to do or get something. It’s been happening way more frequently than I would like. Is it too much on my plate? Too much on my mind? Or -- shhhh! -- peri-menopause? I’m not sure of the cause, but what I realized today is that what is really bothering me about it is that at a deeper level it is tapping in to my fear of being forgotten.

I have no idea where I developed this fear. Something deep down inside of me fears being left out, left behind, of low priority – low enough to be forgotten – like a pack of snacks at the grocery store.

Do you fear being forgotten?

Truth is, we are all forgotten from time to time. People will fail us. We fail people. However, we can be confident that God will never forget us. He never leaves us. He is never too busy or pre-occupied. He is always present, at our side. What a relief.

I am so thankful for His faithfulness. Believing it is something that I am working on. In Joshua 1:5, God reminds Joshua, “As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.” That’s for us, too, and one thing I am determined to never forget.


Amy Sullivan said...

I used to fear being forgotten.

I remember before pay at the pump gas exsisted, I worried every time my mom went into a gas station to pay that I would be forgotten. Silly now, but real then.

It is such a comfort to know we aren't forgotten. God never forgets.

Jodi said...

Since we met up again after nearly 25 years I am so glad God put you in my life again! Even though we haven't managed to carve out that time to get together and catch up I have been so blessed by your blog! Everytime one comes into my inbox I'm so excited to see what God is using you to say to us. Each and every time it speaks to me directly. I really look forward to the day we finally manage a face to face chat! I think we'll have much to share! Today's blog was right in line with me...I have been forgetting cheer practices, piano lessons and numerous other things. But I know it is due to being so filled up with distractions and having an overscheduled family. Usually we're missing because we're caught up doing something wonderful together as a family...so I'm not too bothered by the forgetfulness!! I realize we just can't do it all!! God Bless you, your readers and may He continue to give you the words that bless us all.

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