Friday, July 2, 2010


The score board was broken, so the score did not light up, but it wasn’t necessary to see it, anyway. We knew our team was down, and it wasn’t looking like a win for my son’s junior little league team. It was the bottom of the last inning. William, my eleven year old son stood at bat with two outs and two strikes. To add to the tension, the bases were loaded.

The pitcher hurled the ball, William swung the bat and -- “smack!” -- the ball sailed through the air, far in to left field. Everyone ran. The outfielders ran towards the ball that flew through the air. The infielders ran to cover their bases. The boys on base ran to the next base and the next base, and the next. William ran all the way to third, three runs being scored before it was all over. The crowd (and probably most dramatically, I, his mother) jumped from their chairs, screaming and cheering. My son's team ended up winning the game. One would think we won the World Series.

Today, William has been reliving his great moment in his own personal little league history. At lunch he outlined every micro-second of the infamous hit, detailing how he stood at bat, where the ball met the bat at the “sweet spot,” what he was thinking when he hit the ball, and on and on.

“And my friends and coaches were giving me high-fives, saying ‘great hit, William’ and ‘way to go, William.’ Even my friends on the other team were giving me high-fives and ‘way to go’s.’ It was so fun!”

Then he paused, held his hand high, with palm outstretched and beamed, “It was great getting all those high-fives mom, but I’m thinking – I’m going to give God a high-five for helping me to make that great hit!”

I love that -- giving God a high-five. Now that’s a picture to behold in my mind. The Lord’s strong, perfect hand reaching down, palm open to meet the hand that He formed, as it stretched out to show gratitude. Very cool.

I’m convicted by my son’s spontaneous acknowledgement of his gratefulness to God. It was grand to see him have a terrific game, but even sweeter to see his heart living a life of thankfulness. I’m learning from him; and in this game of life, win or lose, I’m going to work on reaching up, touching the hand of God, and giving Him a high-five for all He’s been and done for me.


O Mom said...

Giving God a high five.......Love that!

Anonymous said...

thanks for teaching me something today, william...
you are amazing... you are truly a 'big league' guy and someone i am glad to know...keep making those fabulous plays on and off the field...for your good and God's glory...PLAY ON!!!

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