Saturday, September 11, 2010

Remember 9/11

I sat in my family room, on the edge of the arm of the couch. I returned home from bringing my kindergartner and first grader to school, and found myself staring at the television.  My two year old played on the floor with his little toys; my eight month old daughter slept in her crib for her morning nap.

It was the morning of September 11, 2001, and life would never be the same again -- for many, for most, perhaps for all. 

At 8:46 AM, the north tower of the World Trade Center fell, after being hit by a plane hijacked by terrorists. Soon after, the south tower fell, the Pentagon was hit, and a plane went down in a field in Pennsylvania -- all by the same demise.  Terrorism. 

As Americans, we were shocked and greatly grieved by the events.  Time seemed to stand still and yet it seemed to move in fast forward.  We were flooded by uncertainties.  Bombarded with questions. Washed over by fear. We cried for the families who were involved. We were overwhelmed with the prospect that "it could be my family, too."

Today, we are called to remember.  We remember so that we do not forget, because we are a people prone to forgetting.  And we remember to honor -- because we care.

We remember and honor those who died at the hands of the terrorists -- nearly 3,000. 

We remember and  honor the families who grieve and who bravely walk through each day, not understanding, but persevering.

We remember and honor those who acted bravely -- serving, caring, digging, rescuing -- loving in action.

We remember and honor those who have fought (and are fighting) protecting our country, protecting our freedom, protecting you and me.

Yes, there are many things I will never understand. This is one of them. But today (and every day) I can remember, honor and pray.

*  Where were you when you heard about the travesty on 9/11?
*  How are you remembering today?

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