Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Looking for Spring

My daffodils covered with snow -- mid-storm.
I wasn’t – am not – so convinced, even though I do know better.

Two days after the official arrival of Spring per the calendar, blowing snow and frigid temperatures dropped in for a visit.
And stayed.
That was one week ago, yesterday.  This morning the thermometer still read in the low twenties when I woke up.  It’s been like that all week.
Technically Spring. Visually Winter.
The 8 + inches of snow that fell during the snowstorm has hardly melted at all. Things appear to be a standstill. The daffodils out my front door are fighting it out with Winter. The trees are nurturing their buds still within their branches.  The first birds of Spring who arrived two weeks ago, are now cocking their heads in confusion, as they flock together, wondering if they miscalculated their flight plans.  
Winter, with its cold claws around Spring, seems to be trying to hold back all things Spring. Rather bold. Rather disappointing. Rather annoying.
I’m asking the Lord to remind me that despite outward appearances, He’s always at work. I’m trusting that Spring will come.  It has year after year, eventually.
So it is with life at times.  Things aren’t always clear. It can get confusing. Maybe even annoying and disappointing. Or more.
I have lots of questions, and I’m asking them – not so much about the weather, but more about Him and about me.   
And I’m also asking the Lord to help me understand and to help me grow. 
These are times to trust. Times to remember what the Lord has done before. Times to believe, not always what we see, but Whom we know.
Like my little daffodils, I’ll persevere and continue to believe --  looking for Spring.

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