Monday, December 19, 2011

Do You Have a Minute?

I had a killer headache, the kind that feels like your head is being wrenched between 2 semi-trucks, with their engines rumbling loud, but I had a lot to do.

Hair wrapped around my head like a messy birds nest, I pushed past the 2 sets of double doors in to the church office, rushing in to church, intending to rush out.

I just needed to drop something off quickly.

“Hi Patti!  Just dropping of a few things!” I chattered to our church receptionist, not even pausing to ask her how she was.

She responded differently.

“How are you today, Andrea?”

“Okay,” I said, less than convincingly and hesitating to be honest.

“I do have a headache.” 

And then, amidst my long to-do list and weakness and fatigue, I saw Jesus.

Looking at me kindly, Patti slowly stood up from her chair.

“Do you have a minute?”

“Sure,” I said, while an old tape popped in to play in my mind causing me to think, -- oh, no, I wonder what she wants to talk to me about.  What did I do wrong now?

“Come sit down in my chair for a minute.  Let me help you.”

And so, I curiously sat down in the middle of the church reception area.

And Patti began to massage my head. 

People came, people went.  People wondered if they could get in line.  I sat there, and soaked it all up.  It was wonderful.

The thing is, I wasn’t expecting the Lord to minister to me in such a way on that day. I wasn’t looking for Jesus.

But Jesus, He was looking at me, and His servant Patti, out of a heart that cares about people, was His willing vehicle of love.

She took a chance. She offered her care.  She gave of herself.

She’s a good reminder to me that we just never know what a ‘minute of care’ will do for someone else. The Lord calls us to be aware of opportunities that He gives us to love one another.  

Her offering herself made my whole day.  My headache gradually subsided after that. My shoulders hung a little looser. My heart a lot lighter.

Thank you, Patti. Thank you, Jesus.

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