Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thankfully, He is Not Making It Up As He Goes Along

“Would you like me to read you the story I’m writing, Mom?” my youngest daughter asked me, with a smile on her face.

“I’d love to!” I answered, eager to hear what she had to share, and thrilled that she loved to write.

She read aloud her story about a bear named Snuggliciousness who lived in “Smiles and Giggles” toy store.

(Makes me smile and giggle just thinking about it).

Shortly (very shortly) in to her introduction, she stopped reading and exclaimed, “That’s all I have so far, Mom! What do you think?”

“That’s great,” I cheered.  “Do you know what else you’re going to write?  Have you decided what is going to happen to your big ole’ bear?”

“Nah.  I just make it up as I go along. I have no idea!”

Her words are a ‘pause point’ for me that I’ve been pondering for days.

I am so relieved (and grateful) that the Lord does not make it up as He goes along.

That gives me hope on a day when the story looks unwritten, when the tension is mounting and the ending does not look so great, from my perspective.

I need to remember that He knows every villain and every hero (and every heroine)!  He knows every detail of every moment, every interwoven plot and sub-plot. He knows every lull in the action and every disturbing drama. He knows all the lows and all the highs and every twist and turn.

He knows it all. He’s writing it all. No rough drafts with God. He gets it right, the first time. He doesn’t erase errors. He doesn’t make errors. And He has more than an idea, He has a plan. He has a perfect plan, and allows us to be are part of it.

How many chapters? How many volumes? What’s the Word Count?  I have no idea, but He knows.

And all I know is that I am counting and resting on the truth that He is not making it up as He goes along. 

I may not always understand what the Lord is doing, and I may not even like what He’s writing, but in The End, I know it will be the best story ever.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful Andrea, thank you. S

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