Saturday, June 29, 2013

Could It be, that God says of Me, "That's My Girl! I'm So Proud of Her!"

I sat back in my chair, on a warm summer night, and watched her play soccer.

I could easily pick out who she was, on the field, even from a distance. She is my daughter. I know her. Pigtails popping back and forth, long legged and graceful like a gazelle, she floated down the field.

Watching her brought me joy.

She maneuvered fancy footwork.  She fell down and bounced right back, still going strong.  She kicked for a goal and scored! She kicked for another goal, and missed. She "high-fived" a team mate, with a word of encouragement. She kept on going.

I smiled to myself, "That's my girl! I'm so proud of her!" 

I love watching her run and play and try her best, even when she falls, and even when she has a hard game.  I am proud of her, not just in soccer, but because of who she is.

As I sat there, I found myself wondering -- when the Lord watches me live and persevere and try my best, even when I fall, could it be, that He thinks of Me, "That's my girl!  I'm so proud of her!"

The problem is, I don't always look at the Lord as being happy with me.

I see Him frustrated or critical or disappointed or angry.

What about all the times I fall down and don't just pop back up?  What about when I am no longer strong, but overwhelmed and weak?  What about the goals I've missed and the times I've failed?  Or the ways I've let others down or Him down or myself down?  What about all the broken places in me that are not beautiful? 

I see Him displeased with me.

But the Lord is trying to help me see differently.

He's been showing me and telling me, in a myriad of ways, "Dear daughter, no matter what, when I look at you, I say 'That's My girl!' I know you, I made you, I love you, I chose you and I rejoice over you. Believe it! Even when you fall, even when you fail, even when you are tired and don't know what to do, even in your brokenness, I still love you. I love you, not for what you do or don't do, but because you are Mine.  You're my girl!"

I've needed these words in the past few weeks. I've needed the reminder that He's watching me, watching over me, and cheering me on. He unfailingly adores me. 

From time to time, I doubt His love for me. When I mess up or want to give up or when my faults and failures in the present and past cloud my vision, I flounder.  But I'm asking Him to help me to see what He sees and believe what He says, "That's My girl! I'm so proud of her!" 

Maybe you need these words today, too.

Let me pray for us.

Dear Lord, help us to see who we are from Your perspective.  Help us to believe that You love us and look on us with great care, not critically.  Help us to believe that You are fond of us, not frustrated with us. Help us to believe that you are devoted to us, not disappointed in us. Help us to see ourselves as You see us, not perfect, but saved by Your Son, and chosen and dearly loved.  Forever. Amen

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Anonymous said...

We all need to hear this desperately, each day I think. Thank you Andrea for putting it beautifully, it blessed me so very much today. S :)

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