Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Impass of the Impossible

My mind raced through the text in Mark on the Feeding of the Five Thousand and my fingers tapped across the keyboard. Finally, after weeks of research, thought and prayer, I was getting to my final truth that transforms – finally.

Jesus equips. The impossible becomes the possible in His hands, and He allows us to be involved in the distribution of His grace. He is willing and able to take a little and use it to feed a multitude.”

Why am I such a slow learner? Have I not seen this truth in my own life over the past year, in a hundred ways big and small? And although I have not witnessed loaves upon loaves of bread being served up, I have witnessed the impossible becoming the possible; how many times would it take for me to believe it though?

These next six weeks are going to be a lot for me. Coming off of the last year, I know that God has grown me in incredible ways, and now He has given me an opportunity to teach and share the truths about Jesus that I know to be real in our Women’s Bible Study at church So, why do I feel so inadequate? So weary? So discouraged? I guess, because I am. I am face-to-face aware of my dependence on Him, and feeling the impass of the impossible.

God does give us opportunities in the midst of all sorts of details of life, dear reader. I am sure you experience the same, perhaps different ones, but opportunities for compassion, for truth and for grace.

And again and again, I think God brings us to a place of seeing and believing that when He asks us to do the impossible, it is so that we learn that He intends to do the work. It is only in His hands that the work to feed the multitude is accomplished. We are dependent on Him. Only He can make the impossible, possible.

Sure, we need to do our part – get out of bed, brush our teeth, be sensitive to the needs of others, spend time with the Lord, seek out the resources (even if meager), do the research – whatever it may be – but then we are to place it in His hands, not hold on to it, or bury it, or forget it – but trust Him for it.

If you are so led, pray for me these next 6 weeks. I may be gone more than usual on my blog – or maybe not – I’ll have to see what the Lord does and how He leads. Maybe you’ll just hear a lot about what Mark shares about Jesus as I teach through “Remarkable Moments with the Savior,” looking at Jesus as He comes face-to-face with people like you and me.

In the meanwhile, trust whatever you have in the hands of our remarkable God today. While we may feel that our contribution is small and of little value, whatever we give Him of our resources – time and treasure – is multiplied according to His will, in His perfect timing. Be strengthened by this in your weariness and woundedness. Just continue to be willing to give whenever He calls.

(Yes, Lord, I am trying to listen to my own advice – trying. Thanks for the reminder, again.)


Kerry said...

Andrea, I'm looking forward to hearing what God has impressed upon you to share with our group during the next 6 weeks. Titus and I have been going through John together, this will be a neat supplement! I'll be praying for you! Love, Kerry

Anonymous said...

I will be with you in spirit! God bless, He will.

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