Monday, January 18, 2010

Inhaling the Truth

Last week, I went to the doctor for a chronic cough that I am struggling with. Long story short, his diagnosis is “post-infectious bronchospasm,” following a viral cold that I had a month ago. Basically, my lungs are irritated and sensitive, causing the airways to constrict down and resulting in my cough.

The remedy? A steroid inhaler, two times a day to help reduce the inflammation and irritation, and thus, over time, allowing my lungs to heal so that I can breath without the annoying interruption of a cough.

He explained to me how to use the inhaler. Hold it upright. Turn the device until it clicks, turn it back again and then carefully rotating the inhaler so that it is flat, place my mouth around it and breath in, hold it for 10 seconds, and exhale. That is it, just do not tip the inhaler over, for the fine powder will fall out and the inhaler will not help me.

Well, being a curious person, I checked to see if I could see the “fine powder” on a test run – and needless to say, I couldn’t. There was no evidence of medication, and yet, I was told that it was there and that it would help. I was to believe, even though I could not see.

And so it is with the inhalation of God’s truths in our lives – it brings healing and helps reduce irritations as we battle with the difficulties of this world. We are to spend time taking His Word in and believing, without seeing or understanding, that somehow these powerful Words will make a difference in our lives. And sometimes, even as we come out of time of suffering – there are still “post-problem” problems (if that makes any sense). We get through one major issue, to only realize that there are ripple effects that are present as a result of the original trial – and on and on it goes, unfortunately.

But, we are to walk by faith. There are new issues – irritations – that need to be helped and healed. God is faithful, this I know. I don’t know how He does it or how He uses His Word to continually bring healing in to our lives and make us stronger, but He does.

Even though I can’t see the “fine powder” I trust that my physician knows, and even though I do not see and understand how the taking in of God’s Word works, I trust that my Great Physician does. Yes, it is walking by faith, not by sight, through this life of brokenness – believing that He does bring healing. This is my hope. He is my hope.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this reminder...we walk by faith and not by sight...
breathe deep and rest safely in the arms of our Great God...knowing that He is the One who sees and knows all...

love you much my dear friend...

Betsy said...

Great analogy!

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