Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ever Feel Like You're Just Too Much?

I stood waiting at the airport ticket counter, a bulging purse slung over one shoulder, a stuffed briefcase over the other and a very heavy suitcase in tow. I knew that upon departing for my trip, my suitcase was precariously close to 48 pounds. Now on the return trip, I feared that I mis-packed and was going to tip over the 50 pound limit. Oddly, I considered the notion that if I could some how gain two pounds of body weight on a weekend getaway, maybe my suitcase could, too.

I felt the presence of the long line of people behind me, while the thought flashed through my mind, like a blinking neon sign – “what will I do if I have too much?”

“What if I place my suitcase on the scale and the digital indicator reads more than 50 pounds? What am I going to do? Pay the over price? No. That’s not sensible. Take something out? What will I remove? A heavy jean skirt? No. I am wearing that right now. My hair straightener ? No, probably won’t let me through security with that. A couple pairs of shoes? Now, where would I put those? My briefcase is already overflowing.”

Silly -- so, so silly. Finally, after an extended wait, I got called up to the counter – the counter that did not even have a scale. The attendant was gracious as he lifted my suitcase with a grunt, and placed it on the conveyor belt. He checked my bag through, gave me my ticket and I was on my way. All that wasted worry.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes similarly, I find myself lugging around the notion that I am too much -- too much for God. Too many hurts. Too much worry. Too complicated. Too many mistakes. Too prone to wandering. Too pathetic. Too serious. Too superficial. Too many questions. Too much trouble. From one extreme to another – just too much “stuff.” Memories and experiences, by my own doing and the doing of others, are crammed in to my heart, and I feel heavy and burdened.

Truth is, for me and for you sweet reader, we are not too much. We can’t have too many mistakes or hurts that stand in the way of our being accepted and loved by the Lord. He does not look at us and say, “Hmmm. We have a problem here. You are just too much. Can you unload something?”

Instead, He knows every little detail, and He is not interested in weighing it against us. He lifts up our hearts and tends to them. He doesn’t ask us to unpack them alone. He helps us. He knows the intimate and the practical parts of us. We can’t be too much for Him. He doesn’t ask us to pay for more than we think we can handle. He took care of the price. There is no weight limit to God. He has all the strength in the world to handle whatever we have.

Okay, I’m taking my eyes off of myself and fixing them on the my sweet Jesus. And as I do so, I think I can faintly hear His voice calling to me (and to you, too!) -- “Oh, dear child, I love you. Do you not know that I know exactly what is in your heart? I am here to lift your burden. It cannot be too heavy. I am not limited by anything. You are precious and honored in My sight. Let me love you. Let me carry you. Stop fighting. I am abounding in compassion. Fear not. I have summoned you by name; you are Mine.”


Jennie said...

You crack me up!
And you know... you CAN go through security with a hair straightener. But water... not a chance! You might use it to put out a fire caused by your hair straightener... or something.

Anonymous said...

love this entry....i can never get 'too much' of you my dear friend! thanks for your sweet words and encouragement...they came at the perfect moment!
sometimes i do feel like i am/have "too much"...not true as you reminded us today...
i love the verse you included...fear not, i have redeemed you and called you by are mine...
what a promise...
keep using your beautiful are a treasure!

Anonymous said...

God can surely take all of me!

Niki Turner said...

So sweet! I was turned back at the ticket counter once and spent 20 minutes transferring stuff between my suitcase and the suitcase my boys were sharing to get each one below 50 pounds. It was SO embarrassing. God is much nicer than airport baggage folks! : )

lisasmith said...

Well, they weighed mine and it was TEN pounds too heavy!!! I had to carry all the books I bought, my tennis shoes and my jewelry in my purse.(Which did cause me to get stopped at security.) Then I realized I had lost my boarding pass somewhere in all the shuffle. I had to reopen and dig through my suitcase. Micca, who I had just met, was with me and she dumped my purse out looking for it too. Can you say too much? I was giggling with nervous embarrassment! The kind lady at the counter finally printed me another pass and when I got home and did laundry, I found my original boarding pass in my pocket.
So, I guess even if we are a huge mess, God will somehow make it all turn out okay =)

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