Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Intricate Lace of Faith

If the dew hadn’t gathered or the rain hadn’t fallen, I may not have noticed it -- a delicate yet strong spider web. Strand by strand, the spider weaves her web, back and forth, in and out between the blades of grass. The delicate fiber is nearly invisible to one passing by the yard. Now, in the morning sun, laced with fine droplets of water the creation of her web is revealed. The intricate web sparkles.

And so it is for us, strand by stand our faith is formed. Each strand, an opportunity to trust God in all circumstances, is connected to and woven through the character of God. Perhaps it is not noticed by one passing by or maybe not even to ourselves, as it is formed and takes shape. It is nearly invisible to the human eye, and yet strong and real.

And when the dew of our sorrow rises out of our hearts or the rains of our pains fall, they find a place to rest on the intricate lace of faith. Here the substance of what we believe and hope for sparkles in the sun. Our faith is revealed. The glory of God is revealed.

I imagine that the spider does not have the advantage of seeing the full beauty of her creation. She does what she was created to do -- weave. Perhaps it is the same for us. We do not always see the beauty of what God is doing through us, as we walk in obedience to Him. He strengthens us as our faith is formed – delicate (not in a fragile way, but in a precious way), beautiful and strong. And sometimes, it is only when the tears of our trials find a resting place upon that faith, that we see it sparkling.

Lord give me the strength to persevere and obey You, to trust You in all circumstances. You have made me to seek you and worship You; help me to do so even when I do not understand the bigger picture of what you are creating – strand by strand, in my life. And when my tears fall, let them bring glory to you as they rest settle on my faith that you have woven with strands of brokenness and pain, stretched out between the pillars of Your character. Amen.


Niki Turner said...

Lovely word picture, Andrea! Each revelation of the Word in our hearts is a new silken strand, a thousand times stronger than it looks.
Hmm. Good things to meditate on!

Andrea @ Unfailingly Loved said...

Thanks, Niki! Great visual picture, as well. I love the thought of God's Word woven like a silken strand through our hearts. You've blessed my day -- hope yours is blessed, as well!

sarah said...

great post and picture.

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