Monday, June 6, 2011

I've Got to Get to Weeding ...

The gardens in my yard are overgrown.
I look at them through my back window and sigh.
I’ve got so much work to do today – so much weeding.
Oh, sure, some of the good plants are thriving after a Spring splattered with more days of rain than not, but it’s not those healthy, thriving, green plants that I am focused on.
It’s all the things in between, that should not be there – AKA weeds – that my eyes are drawn to. They are towering over and trying to choke out my pretty plants.  They are competitive, persistent and sneaking. They try to vie for a place in my yard.
I’ve got to work on weeding.
I’ll do it today.  The kids will help me.  We’ll all probably grunt and grown about it, but we’ll feel pleased – accomplished – when we are done.  Well, at least I will.
As I sat down this morning, facing (literally, at my desk) in the opposite direction of the weeds, so I would not get distracted by the work I had to do, I opened God’s Word for time with Him.
And as I read His truths, I’m convicted of my worry.
My worries – they are just like my weeds.
They come in and try to choke out the good things.
They take up space, grow faster than I would like, and often tower over the other things that are trying to grow. 
They get in the way of me seeing the truth, remembering the promises, resting in the comfort of the One who loves me.
I don’t know where the always come from, but they sure do spring up -- little weeds, big weeds, ugly weeds.
Jesus talks about the worries of this world getting in and choking out the Word (Matthew 13) – the Word of truth, the Word of hope, the Word of comfort.  I can see how it happens, and it’s not what I desire.
Weeds --  and worries -- they get in the way, but they do not have to stay.
Looks like today, I have some work ahead of me. I’m working on weeding out weeds and weeding out worries.  Good thing I have the Gardener. With His help, I’m getting down on my knees and rooting them out. 
How about you?


Maria I. Morgan said...

Great post, Andrea! Found your blog via a friend's site. I'm glad I did! I've done some writing on weeding too and love the correlation with weeding out worry. Looking forward to future posts! Have a wonderful weed-free week! God bless!

Lyla Lindquist said...

Weeding, best done on our knees.

I like that. I do.

I'm not much of a gardener but do remember doing a lot of it for my mom when we were growing up. I'd rather just bend down and move on as quickly as possible. But you're right. It's knee-work, in the garden and in our hearts. Thanks for the reminder, and your kind words over at my place last week.

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