Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Will Return -- Please Wait

I have a flock of thoughts about it, but they really all come down to one thing …
I’m (pretty sure) the Lord is asking me to (momentarily) take a big step back and step away from posting on my blog.
Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking about Paul and his travels.  At one point, Paul was headed in one direction, towards Asia, but God had other plans.
 “…having been kept by the Holy Spirit …” Paul and his colleagues did not enter Asia.  Later, they tried to enter Bythynia, and again, “…but the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to enter.” (Acts 16:6-10)
We don’t know how Paul knew what to do (or not to do), we just know that he went with how the Lord was leading.  Was it a vision? Was it a Word in the middle of the night? Was it a “gut” feeling? A sensitivity to the Spirit’s calling?  All we know is that Paul knew and he obeyed.
I’m almost positive it wasn’t easy, and I’m sure he had no idea what the Lord had in store for him, right around the corner.
And so it is for us, sometimes – for me, this time.
I get the feeling that God is calling me to something different – at least for a short time.  I don’t understand it, but I can feel it deep down within my soul.
I’m tempted to resist. I love to write. I love to encourage people with His truths.  It’s one of the things I think God has called me to. I'm even a bit sad to step back and let go.
And yet, I’ve learned that I’m better off going with what God says, then trying to wrangle out my own ideas.
So, dear readers, I’m taking a break.
I’m hanging the “will return -- please wait" sign on the door of my blog – for now. 
I plan on returning at some point, when I get the thumbs up, from the Lord. In the meanwhile, I do believe that God is doing something new, I’m just not sure what it is. Perhaps I’ll come back with new ideas, new ways of seeing Him, seeing the world, seeing myself. Or maybe just  more energy. J  Or … who knows what?
Have a blessed summer and thank you for your camaraderie.
Love …

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Cherie Hill said...

Hi Andrea . . . thank you for stopping by my blog today! Might I also suggest my own book???? ;) "Be Still" (Let Jesus Calm Your Storms) is a powerful message on strengthening your faith and finding peace in the midst of life's storms. You can find it on Amazon and I've just launched it available on Kindle for $2.99! ALSO, I will be launching a FREE Kindle (short book) called, "Waiting on God." If you'd like I can email you the pdf file. ;) Just let me know. I think the messages within these two works are ideal for your situation. Dr. Crabb's book is a great devotional . . . but I'm not sure it will be ideal for someone who is struggling or going through difficult times of faith. There may be something a little better to really boost your faith! (but it's still a nice devotional!)
Anyway, wanted to share! Blessings to you and I'm lifting you up in prayer to the Lord. :)

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