Monday, June 13, 2011

New Places to Grow?

It’s gardening week for me … first weeding, now planting.
I wiggled the pink ivy geranium out of the pot.  The roots held tight to the sides of the plastic, but I eventually freed it. I squeezed the densely compacted roots, loosening them from the previous shape, and placed the plant in a new space.
It was for the good of the plant.
I debated, earlier, as to whether I should just place the geranium – in its original pot – in to my planters near my front door.
It would be easier. No one would ever know.  And, after all, wasn't it growing just fine in the current container?
But I thought again.
Perhaps it was growing “fine” but I knew that if I put it in new soil, in a more spacious container,  full of new nutrients, the roots would likely grow deeper and wider and the plant would thrive better.
What once was a place of growth for the plant, was now constraining it from further growth.
It needed new soil and new space ...
I feel a bit like that ivy geranium.
I’ve been growing (or at least I hope I have) in a certain place. It’s been a good place for me.
However, I feel the Hand of the Gardener taking hold of me and loosening me out of this place. 
I’m hesitant.
I try to hold on to what I know – what is familiar.
I’m even scared.
But, I know He knows that there are other spaces and places for me to grow –  places where my roots can grow deeper and wider and where I need to grow in new ways for Him.
I can’t be sure if this is happening or not, but something feels different.
Could it be that this place that I’ve been growing in is now holding me back from being all He wants me to be?
Am I ready for new soil and a new space?
And, exactly what will that space be?  What new circumstances will He choose for my growth? Will they be challenging? Difficult? What new places of trusting Him may He be planting me in?
I don't know, but I am trying to surrender. It’s not easy now. I know it may not be easy then.
I’m trying to loosen my hold on what I have grown accustomed to and allow the Great Gardener to place me where He wants, and trust Him in the process, for this I know for sure, He knows the plans He has for me. In this promise, I rest.
How about you, dear reader?  Do you know of times when God has transplanted you and you have grown in new ways there?

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