Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Silly Oversight with Cupcakes

This is my drawing of a cupcake ... not a tub of popcorn!

My middle daughter invited a few girls over for a group project. I rushed off to the grocery store to pick up some cupcakes.  Generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of ‘group projects,’ so I thought I’d try and make it fun.  Like a party!

The thing is, in recent years I find I need my glasses more and more.  Early on, I only needed them for reading, but now … well, I probably should get to the eye doctor, because my eyes are starting to slightly blur, even at mid-distances.

Anyway, I was NOT wearing my glasses. 

I went over to the display case, and picked up two packages of brightly frosted cupcakes. 

I went home.

I served the cupcakes to my eleven year old and her friends.

The next day, while working in the kitchen, I glanced at the leftover cupcakes, this time with my reading glasses ON.

Martini glasses.  What I saw was small, plastic martini glasses (complete with painted olives) on the top of the cupcakes!

“Honestly,” I mumbled to myself, “I sure hope those little girls didn’t bring home the decorations, and show their parents the fun free gift that they had on their cupcake!”

Slightly, embarrassing!

Reminds me, though, that there are some things I need to keep put my physical glasses on for (and apparently, cupcake shopping is one of them!) , and lots of things I need to keep my spiritual lenses on for.  Sometimes, things just aren’t as they seem!

Life is humbling, but the Lord is always giving us opportunities to connect life with the eternal … even in a plastic martini glass decoration!

How about you?  Any humbling, silly experiences got you thinking about the Lord, lately?

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