Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bit by Bit

My friend reported the first sighting of the Merganser ducks on the lake by her home, and I saw the Red-winged Blackbird today. Faint patches of green grass sweep across the landscape. Snow piles, once 6 feet tall, are now only inches away from being gone. Small buds are barely bursting from the ends of the branches. Fresh smells of life permeate the air. Spring is springing forth – I hope. It has opened the latch on the gate at the end of the long path of winter, and is making its way in to our days. Evidence of its arrival is slow, but none-the-less I see it creeping in.

Spring is a living sign of hope. Out of the cold of winter, life emerges. As a reflection of hope, it reminds us of the hope of healing for the broken-hearted, a hope that is only found in Jesus.

Did you ever notice that not all the migrating birds show up on one day? Not all the grass turns green in one instant. We do not wake up to all the leaves being full grown one morning, nor is all the snow melted in one day.

Bit by bit spring arrives, and bit by bit the healing of the hurting heart occurs. It is patchy at first, and perhaps even sparse, but it will come. When we trust our hearts to the healing hand of the Creator, Who created the motion of the seasons, we can rest assured that He will bring healing to our times of cold darkness, as well. And bit by bit, we will witness the changes. It is a process – sometimes a very long process. Chilly days may reappear, maybe even a snow storm … but winter does give way to spring and He who manages those days, is caring for you in your days, as well. God is faithful to heal the brokenhearted (Psalm 147:3). Wait upon Him, trusting Him to bring about life and beauty in His perfect timing.

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Betsy said...

This is beautiful, Andrea. I love your analogies and comparisons with physical spring and restoration spring. You hit the nail on the head!

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