Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Fragrance of Life

Exhausted physically and emotionally, I settled in to my overstuffed chair to spend time with the Lord. Brushing up against a small pillow, a suddenly smelled the most pleasing aroma of lavender. I forgot that it was there, but its scent was unmistakable and unavoidable. The small decorated pillow is filled with small petals of dried lavender. They are withered, stripped from their stalk some time ago, but they continue to emit a lovely fragrance that delights.

And just as suddenly, God pressed in to my heart a reminder of His truth -- God uses areas in our lives that are dried out and withered – times of loneliness, pain, betrayal and loss -- to create a sweet aroma in the lives of those He places in our path. We may wonder, “Is there is anything good coming out of our pain? Is there any purpose in all of this?” Yet, when covered in the love of Jesus, these circumstances are used to bring hope to others. As others brush past us, God takes what we are enduring for Him, trusting Him in, and produces a sweet scent of hope.

2 Corinthians 2:15, 16 says “For we are to God the aroma of Christ … the fragrance of life.” What withered and dry time is God using in your life to produce the fragrance of life? Depression? Betrayal? Loss of a job? The death of a loved one? Loss of a dream? Living with a difficult person? Struggling with a disobedient or wayward child? An illness? Life is difficult. It can be hard to imagine or believe that there anything good will come out of so much pain and loss, but there is hope.

Like the pillow is covered in a lovely fabric, when we allow the most beautiful covering of Jesus' love to surround all areas of our lives, we will be used for His glory and His purpose. In His timing, He will bring about a pleasing aroma. Dear reader, perhaps you are fainthearted and downcast today. Take heart that God is using your circumstances to bring the fragrance of life to others around you, when you chose to be covered in the beautiful fabric of His love.

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