Monday, February 7, 2011

An "Ah-Hah!" Moment at the Gym

While I huffed and puffed through a work out last week, my trainer Dave was telling me about a new event coming up this summer. 
“I’ve got a race for you to do this summer, Andrea,” he said, “An obstacle course that I’m helping to put together.”
“Good!” I joked – kind of, “Since you’re making it, could you make it so that I can do it?”
“No …. I don’t think so, nice try” he replied, “I’ll make you, so that you are able to do it.”
It was one of those "ah-hah" moments for me. I stopped, stared at Dave and ran to get a piece of paper and pencil to write down what just transpired.  I was convicted in my heart and I wanted to remember it and write about it, because -- this is basically the same conversation that I’ve been having with the Lord, lately.
I talk to him about the obstacles that are currently in my life or that I see on the horizon ahead of me.
And I say something like, “Could you just make them so that I can handle them? Not too hard? Can you orchestrate it so that I can maneuver my way around them, over them, through them? Please? Pretty please?”
And time and time again, it seems as if I eventually realize that He says back to me, “Nice try, Andrea, but no, I will make you so that you are able to do it.”
It is true.  We are God’s workmanship. He created us and continues to make us – form us, strengthen us, train us – so that we are able to do His work.  Sometimes, He works in our strengths, fine tuning them, enriching them, so that we are able to fight and serve Him better. And sometimes, He works in our weaknesses, not necessarily making us stronger, but exhibiting His strength in us.
Bottom line, He doesn’t make our lives so that we can handle it, He “makes” us – constantly transforming us and molding us – so that we do what He asks us to do and in the process, glorify Him.
Next time, I find myself straining under the weight of the world (like today), I’m going to remember this. It’s all a part of the workout for the day, learning how to carry the burden He asks us to carry for ourselves and for others, learning how to wait patiently and learning how to trust Him in the process.
We do not know what obstacles are ahead of us, but He does and He is -- amazingly -- for us.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there~

This will be a rather long post. I hope you find it fulfilling. This is my first time here. My husband is preparing to write a letter of life to our son, Josh, who leaves tomorrow for the Air Force. Needless to say we are proud of him...and yet, so sad that he is moving away from us.

While my husband was working on his letter, for some unknown moment he "Googled" "ah-hah moment."

My loving and kind husband is an Atheist...for now any way. He was brought to your blog and this post first! He read the entire post...his name is Dave. (As in your story...who just ran a very difficult obstacle course.) Now, I feel as if I am...the obstacle course being life...with my son so far away...and unreachable for 2 months.

Anyway, it was a very big deal for my husband to want to read a Christian blog (besides the one I write) of his own will. He read it, and saw how it was perfect for me at this moment. In fact, I have been hearing this story...but in different words, sources, and situations for about a month...when our son received his orders! I was asking to please remove the obstacles...and someone advised me on the He IS Able blog, to ask God to watch and protect and guide my Jewish son. (I am converted to Christianity.) For, He can do a much better job than I. And, He gave Josh to me anyway...and one day he will return to God. Well, your post is so beautiful, so elegant, so moving...and so to the point. It touched my husband's heart...which had him send it to me...when it "Squished" my heart and brought me to tears. I thank you for your sharing...for your awareness, for your love of the Lord and willingness to write about it. Everything you said, is true. He never promised us lives to be easy. He told us He would not give us more than we could bear.

Thank you so much for writing. I will be back, and keep my comments shorter! I want you to know how you really impacted two lives today. I pray for my son and my husband's Salvation several times a day. Today, you were the seed that God wanted planted. Keep planting those seeds...and you will help in the harvest, I am sure.

Thank you!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

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