Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shaking off the "Shoulds" and the "Shouldn'ts"

I’ve been in a funk all day.
Can’t put my finger on it.
I’ve tried to figure it out but I keep coming up blank.
And then I read a post by a fellow bloggy friend, Niki.  She wrote a great post (click here) about the “shoulds” in her life – and as I read her words, I felt a bit of the weight I’ve been lugging along all day – lift.
I’ve been sitting here, “shoulding” myself to the point of – funk.
I should really clean up the kitchen. I should get something done on the study I’m writing. I should run that errand. I should get a chunk of the laundry done.  I should chop some chicken. I should clean off my desk. I should this and I should that.
And then I mix in a few “shouldn’ts,” as well. I shouldn't just sit here. I shouldn’t be so down in the dumps today. I shouldn’t be so pathetic today. I shouldn’t be in a funk.
It’s a “should” and “shouldn’t” shake – that I'm -- errr -- trying to shake off.
Niki talks about “chosing” instead of “shoulding.” She’s right.  And so I’m working on changing my focus and giving myself a break today. It’s okay. I’m choosing to just take a break, to veg out. I’m choosing to not call it a funk, but to call it freedom.  I know that the Lord loves me and that I am free to just be. I don’t always have to be “doing” something; sometimes, the very thing He has for me is to just be me. It’s okay to have a down day – either in my heart or in my home. 
The Lord loves me for me. And He loves you for you, too.

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