Thursday, October 6, 2011

Africa Through the Eyes of Our Children -- The "Middle Daughter" Reports

(This is the fourth entry in the series sharing our children’s insight in to their mission trip to Africa. Our “middle daughter” is artistic and insightful. She taught the children how to make bracelets out of embroidery floss, knitted with them, enjoyed working on jigsaw puzzles and jumping rope. Her tender heart was always aware of their needs. She loved the children and they loved her. The children were fascinated with her glasses. Shortly after meeting her, some of the children asked one of our team members, “Was she born with this glasses or did she get them when she was older?” So sweet! J).

I had a lot of fun on my mission trip to Africa. My favorite part was playing with the kids at the Villages of Hope. God really showed me how powerful He is and how He brought these kids to this orphanage. I am glad God helps us to go on this mission trip. I hope to go back some day and see the kids and how they have grown. I think this is the best experience I have ever had.

While I was there, God showed me that:

· Before, I always wanted more. I don’t want so much anymore.

· I can make friends quickly.

· It’s okay to make mistakes and people will forgive you.

· God’s love is amazing and so HUGE!

· God made beautiful animals.

· Kids love making ankle bracelets.

· The kids at the orphanage really love God.

· The kids at the orphanage are good at cooking.

· Some kids just like having people around.

· Put others before yourself.

· No one is perfect.

· I really can get attached to people and it is always hard to say goodbye.

· God is always watching over us and taking care of us.


Jennie said...

LA - What powerful words from an amazing young lady. Thank you for sharing! You are growing in wisdom and knowledge beyond your years. You must spend a lot of time learning from your mom. :-)

Fran said...

Wow, LA! I am going to write out the lessons God taught you and put them in my study to read again. You are really an amazing young lady! You go girl!

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