Monday, October 3, 2011

Africa Through the Eyes of Our Children -- The "Eldest's" Report

(This is the first entry, giving a glimpse of how our children viewed the mission trip to Africa, written in their own words.  It was a moving experience to watch our eldest, who has Cerebral Palsy,  spend time with the children at the village, but as so often happens, he was blessed in return.  He spent hours telling them stories, and listening to theirs. He loved the children and they loved him in return.  There were no barriers, despite his disability, in their eyes).

Being on the mission trip to the Villages of Hope and spending time with the kids really strengthened my faith in that these kids had to have a lot of faith to get through their day.  I realized that I need that kind of faith to get through my day even though my special needs are different.  They were willing to leave whatever came up, in God's hands.  When they found out that I couldn't walk, they asked if they could pray for me.  They asked God to help me with my legs and that they would get better.   This even strengthened my faith.  Also, they loved to serve.  They always wanted to help me, push me around, even when I ran out of things for them to do -- they still wanted to do something to help!


anniebakes said...

That's beautiful, what a guy parker is!

WiJoyMom said...

thanks for giving us this glimpse

Fran said...

Parker, allowing those in Vilages of Hope to serve you revealed more about who they were and the love God has placed within them. Your kind, gentle spirit to allow "help" when you did not necessarily need the help spoke volumes of who you are and the love of God within you. Remeber Jesus said He came not to be served, but to serve. Seems like you were serving each other.

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