Friday, October 7, 2011

Africa Through the Eyes of Our Children -- The "Little Sister" Reports

(Today is the fifth and final post,  in the series sharing our children’s thoughts about our mission trip to Villages of Hope, Zambia.   The “Little Sister” reports today.  She is an outgoing child, confident in who she is and in the Lord. She loves people.  She ran and ran all day with the kids, holding hands, giving piggy-back rides, making sure that no one was left out, always available to do whatever the children were interested in doing.  It was very special to see how God, already, is making her in to His servant, bringing hope and delight to others around her.  For eight years old, she was amazing!)

It’s hard for me to say what I liked best – I liked it all! My favorite part was playing with the kids.  I jumped rope a lot, too, and they are really good at it. I even taught them a jump rope song.  I liked playing soccer.  They’re really good and that makes it fun for me.  I liked walking to school with the children and playing on the merry-go-round that helps pump water for the school. I liked working with the team, sorting shoes from the big container, to give to the kids.

I learned a lot about God, too.  He really helps these children.  I learned that these kids don't have anything, and they still believe in God.  I think I’m not going to ask for so much stuff anymore.  I don’t need things to be happy, I just need love and Jesus in my heart.


Fran said...

Oh,AR! What a fun time for you to share life with your African sisters and brothers. How fun to learn that they love Jesus just as much as you! And it is not about things that make them love Him. It is HIM! And He always helps His children! I am so proud of how well you played whatever the children wanted to play. You were a real servant for Jesus - even in your play.

Jennie said...

AR - What a great writer you are! I love how you expressed the lessons you learned while you were in Africa. I'll pray that God will continue to press that upon your heart.

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