Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Africa Through the Eyes of Our Children -- "Mr. Middle Child" Reports

(This is the third post in a series, sharing our children’s view point of the mission trip to the Villages of Hope in Zambia, in their own words.  Our middle child is full of life, a “people person” and MY hero for spotting a poisonous snake before it got too close to us!   He spent a lot of time playing soccer and roaming the grounds, telling stories. He loves to laugh. I could hear his joy filled voice bouncing around the village, mixed in with the laughter of the boys his age. They seemed to always be laughing about something.  The boys showed him how they make catapults (slingshots) to shoot birds. He taught the boys how to play baseball – something they had never learned before! It was very special to see God use his gifts of caring for people and making them feel special, in Africa).

I am so happy that God let me go on the mission trip to the Villages of Hope in Zambia.  He taught me so many things!

One of the things that I realized is that before I went to the VOH I was not content. The kids at the orphanage were happy with the few things they had and didn’t want more things. One of my new friends, Roman, created a car out of wire that he found.  He also added little toys to it that he found.  He wants to be a mechanic when he grows up. He also made a course for the car, around a tree, with a gas pump, a gate, a road with dirt and concrete edges.  He is very creative and content.  When I returned from Africa, I noticed that I was beginning to be more content with what God gave me, too.
Learning how to make a catapult out of rubber found lying around, a "Y shaped stick" and leather from an old shoe.


Jennie said...

W, you're a rock star! Contentment is a lesson I'm still learning.

Fran said...

May God continue to grow that sense of contentment in you. Ask Him to do so. You gave a beautiful gift of yourself to others through your laughter.

And keep the snakes away!

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