Monday, November 21, 2011

Giving Thanks for Grace

“Who would like to say grace?”

Perhaps this question will be asked around a million tables this Thanksgiving.

When my daughter was younger, she would pray, “God is grace, God is good. Let us thank Him for our food.”

The original prayer is “God is great …” but, I cherish this rendition. 

Maybe it’s because God’s grace is so precious to me.

Seems like the Lord hand-tailored this focus on grace for me this week.  I taught on Rahab last Wednesday – “God’s grace knows no barriers,”  and saw Les Miserable night where I  watched the theme of God’s grace dance upon the stage.

And then there’s my own life.  Flashbacks roll in front of my mind, like scenes on a stage, reminding me of what God’s grace has been during times of great sorrow, loneliness, fear and uncertainty.  And even in today, I see what it is to be for me.

God’s grace fills me with peace when chaos swirls around me.

God’s grace rescues me when I am lost.

God’s grace washes me with strength when I am weak.

God’s grace fills me up with His truth when I am bombarded with lies.

God’s grace draws me close and wraps around me when I am scared and cold.

God’s grace stills my anxious heart.

God’s grace shows me that forgiveness is possible and it sets me free.

God’s grace leads me on when I am hesitant (or forget) to follow Him.

God’s grace covers me when I sleep.

God’s grace forgets my wrong-doings and does not hold them against me.

God’s grace refreshes me like falling rain when I am weary.

I am humbled by His grace.

Indeed, God’s grace is precious to me.

And this Thanksgiving, I am keenly aware of it and thankful for it – thankful for God's grace, Jesus.


Mrs. F said...

I also love your daughter's rendition "God is Grace" how important that is to remember and cherish daily!!!

A_Esteves said...

Hi, I'm a fellow christian woman blogger and I love the way you set up your blog. Visit my blog too at

Traci S. said...

Dear Andrea~

I love the way your daughter says Grace. That is a much better rendition in my opinion. I love this post. It made my heart sing...fortunately not my I read over and over what the Lord has given each of us through His amazing Grace. Thank you for spelling it out so easily for us to see. What a wonderful gift. I am going to copy this out and frame the appropriate sections, and give it as a gift to some special people in my life, if that is ok with you. I will list you as the author of course. It is entirely up to you, and has absolutley nothing to do with the following news:

Andrea...You have won the He IS Able Card Set of the Week! Please email me your mailing address...snail mail, please...and I will get your two donated and hand-made cards to you right away. We thank you so much for your comment, and are so glad your name was chosen in our random drawing! It will be posted on Monday!

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

Traci S. said...

Hi Andrea~

I forgot to mention that I just love the painting on the header of your blog. It is beautiful. I was wondering who the artist is/was?

And, I wanted to thank you for such a beautifully worded "About Me" section. About your prayer for each of us! By sharing the areas in life that strengthened you...will hopefully strengthen us in Him. It is really written so beautifully. We have kindred hearts, my new friend.

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

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