Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Very Random Thoughts about Spices and Friends ...

I’m thinking of coordinating a spice exchange.

I know it sounds strange. My kids would probably say, “That’s really random, Mom.” They’re right.

Here’s the thing ... yesterday, I was cleaning out my herb and spice cupboards. Totally not on my list of things to do, but there I was, doing it anyway.

And here’s what I noticed -- my spices replicate.

It seems likely, although it remains a mystery as to how they do it. Do they germinate? Divide by mitosis? Expand like Amish Friendship Starter Dough?

I’m not sure.

All I know is that I have a lot of some things. It verges on ridiculous and pathetic.

2 containers of:
·                 dried onion
·                 ginger
·                chili powder
·                ground cayenne pepper
·                basil leaves
·                paprika

3 containers of:
·              dried parsley
·              poultry seasoning (I could season a whole farm)
·             crushed red pepper

And sadly, 4 containers of:
·             thyme (seriously?)
·             vanilla extracts
·            ground cinnamon

I’ve got extra of ‘this’ … maybe you have extra of ‘that?’

We could share. Perhaps, I have something you could use, and I’m pretty sure there is something I’m out of, and will need at a most inopportune, unexpected time.

As I sorted and cleaned, my mind synapsed (again, randomly – is it being pre-menopausal?) over to thoughts of friendship.

I think it’s a bit like the friendships the Lord gives us. We all have different gifts.  At times, we may have an abundance of something. These things are not ridiculous or pathetic, but rather, rich and important -- rich and important to share.

When I need laughter, I call the ones who seem to have overflowing silliness.

When I need hope, I know the girl to call. I’ve seen her hold on to hope in Jesus, when life looked pretty hopeless. 

When I need to be strengthened in my faith, I call the friend whom I’ve seen measure out a lot of it.  She’s the one I know will give me some of hers, so that I can continue to move on.

When I need to see the truth clearly, I call the one who will be honest with me and direct me to the Truth. She’s got plenty to share, and she does it lovingly, gently.

We all have something extra, something extra that the Lord gives us to share with one another. 

Let me know if I can help. Happy to give of my time or my – err – Thyme.

(Tee-hee – now I’m laughing at my own jokes? Time to sign off …)

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Anonymous said...

What a great analogy! I do agreee that He puts people in our path that have a gift that we may not be as strong in...that we could find valuable in this person...and they can learn something else from us. He has a great plan for each of us. This was a wonderful post on being there for each other and friendship.

"A friend loveth at all times."

And, by the way. I have about 5 cinnamons--I put it on just about everything. That's about it in my spice cabinet...that and vanilla!

I buy my basil, thyme and rosemary fresh from the grocery market, and it smells fabulous, and tastes so much better. Consider getting these fresh.

He IS Able!
Traci Starkweather

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