Monday, October 15, 2012

Raking Leaves and Leaving Burdens Behind

Autumn leaves rain down from trees in my yard.

I live in the woods.  We have lots of leaves.

I stepped outside in to the cool, damp day.

The smell of wet leaves – wet everything – soaked the air.

I heard a dull rumble in the distance.  It was the giant leaf sucker. Large and lumbering, this machine travels around with its snuffelufagus hose nose, devouring leaves on the street.

I looked at my yard.  It was full of leaves.

I grabbed a rake and got to work moving leaves to the curb, as I listened to the distant drone of the truck, waiting for its arrival to my house.

Burdens weighed heavy on my heart, too. It was good to have time.  I needed time to work through some worries. 

I raked leaves and raked thoughts, over and over again, to the curb.

I prayed. I pondered.  I (tried to) let go of each trouble, one at a time.

Truth is, I DO hear the Lord in the distance.  I know He’s there. I know He’s coming back someday. I hear His promises. Promises to never abandon me or forsake me.  Promises to be sufficient for every need I have.

Lord, help me to leave these burdens behind, trusting in You. I know you’ll take care of them. I know you’ll take care of me.

This is my prayer today; perhaps it is yours, too.  What is burdening you? Are you taking it to the curb of God’s love and care for you?

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