Monday, October 1, 2012

Words Whirl -- I'm Back to Writing

Two weeks ago, my writer friend Marge, approached me with a smile.

“Been writing much, Andrea?”

I cringed and squinted my eyes.

“No, not at all, really.  I keep meaning to, but … You know, life …”

I left the conversation with a commitment cascading from my lips.

“My goal is to write this week! I’m bound and determined.”

But, I didn’t write a thing.

Last week, I saw her again. 

“Just following up, Andrea, did you write this week?  I’m holding you accountable!”

I cringed (and squinted) again – so much for the cascading commitment. 

You see, last Spring I felt the Lord nudging me to rest, but in the past weeks, I’ve felt Him push in another direction.  It wasn’t just through Marge, but a deeper squeeze on my heart.

I guess one of the things about the Lord is that although He never changes, sometimes, He changes it up in our lives.  

I was to rest.  Now, looks like I am to write, again.

One thing I am realizing about myself is that writing is good for me.

Words that whirl around in my mind, sometimes landing for a bit in orderly thoughts, often take flight again and disappear – when I don’t write them down. I want to write them down. I need to write them down.  

Writing helps me process, helps me ponder, and helps me heal. Writing keeps me aware and focused on what the Lord is doing and how I’m doing. 

It helps me appreciate Him and appreciate life.

So, I’m back to writing. I’m not sure how profound it will be, but it’s something and it’s a start. I must admit, I'm a bit nervous about it.  Who knows why -- maybe just getting back in to the swing of it? 

What about you?  What may the Lord be calling you to do?  What part of you needs to be brought back to life?


Violet White said...

Andrea, I had to look twice and thought "is this really what I think it is?" when I saw your post in my email this morning. I am so glad that you are back....I love your speaks to and ministers to me.

Andrea K. Van Ye said...

thank you, violet! your kindness is appreciated! keep me posted on how the Lord is working in your life and how i can pray for you!

MooseNuggette said...

Yay! I just found out you are posting again! Can't wait to start reading through your posts.

Good to have you back Andrea.


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