Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Little Note of Love from My Daughter

I can't resist sharing this sweet poem my dear nine year old daughter wrote for my birthday. Hope it brings a smile to you heart!

Dear Mom,
You are great,
the best in the state.
Since today is your birthday,
I don't need to think about earth day.
I'm glad your my mom,
and that you didn't name me Tom.
Thanks for all the things you do,
and that you love me very much, too!
I love you,
and God does, too.
You are very special,
Happy Birthday!
She's so sweet. I'm glad she favors her name over Tom, and that I could get her mind off of earth day. The best in the state? I don't know -- but everyone needs a fan. And as always, it never hurts to be reminded that we are loved.


Juanita said...

That's awesome!!! Those precious words are treasures. Bask in them.
P.S. Happy Birthday!

Debbie E. said...

You are the best in the state (well, now that I'm gone)! Love you! Debbie

Deanna said...

I was reading your blog right before heading to bed. I love the poem. Love 9 year olds. Thank you for sharing, it made me laugh and smile. A nice way to end my day. :)

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