Thursday, April 1, 2010

Valued by God

Today’s post is dedicated to all the women that I know (and don’t know) who feel “less than.” For all of you who have been told that you do not matter, that you are not as important, that you have no to little value or that what you do is a waste of time, I have good news for you. It is a lie. You are valued and you are loved.

Hanging on the cross, Jesus breathed His last breath – by choice, out of love – for you and for me. The sky darkened like a bruise and the veil of the temple tore in two. Jesus did what needed to be done so that all who believe in Him could enter the presence of God. There was no other way. Jesus made the way. He is the only way.

After we read of his dying in the book of Mark, then God chose to share this detail. “Some women were watching from a distance … these women had followed Him and cared for His needs … many other women who had come up with Him were also there” (Mark 15:40-41).

Some women. These women. Many women. Why does God point out the women here? Why does He, for just a moment at this time of sadness and darkness, bring our attention on them? Why does He mention them, some by name and others in general? I wish I knew for sure, but I don’t. However, I find it interesting and it does encourage me in this -- God cares about women, and sees and believes that women are important, too.

These women followed Him and cared for His needs. They followed Him, even in to hardest of times. They made their way through crowds of people who were shouting and jeering for Jesus to die. They took risks to love their Savior. They were steadfast and loyal. God noticed that. They cared for His needs and they loved Him in the days when He ministered with healing and truth. In those days, women were not looked upon as equals in the culture – but God saw them as such, and in this instant, at the darkest time of history, He mentions women.

Dear reader, you may feel unseen by others, but you are clearly seen by God. He sees all. You may feel worthless but that is not true. You have great value in the heart of God. You may feel that you are not important, just part of the background of life and unnoticed, but you are not. You are in the foreground of God’s plan and of His purposes. You may feel that all that you do for Him is unimportant and doesn’t matter, but it is important and it matters -- alot.

Do not give up in following Jesus. Follow Him wherever He goes, even in to the darkest of times. Sometimes, it requires a risk to love Him. Others may be shouting (or whispering) around you to doubt who He is; remain steadfast and loyal to Him. Care for His precious name by serving in His name, sharing the power of His name, and loving Him by pursuing the truth and loving others boldly and well. Keep your eyes focused on Him, even when you are crowded in by the details and hurts of life.

And remember, wherever you are, God is with you. He loves you. He notices you. He honors your dignity as a woman. You are not less in His eyes – you are lovely.


Lori said...

he sees!

violet said...

I noticed the same footnote in the Easter story - the women lurking in the background. Thanks for drawing our attention to all the ways they were part of Jesus' ministry. Heaven will doubtless reveal many unsung heroes from across the ages - a lot of them women.

(Came here via the Xian Carnival, by the way).

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