Friday, April 16, 2010

Sing Songs

My friend handed me a small package wrapped in white tissue paper and tied with a light purple satin ribbon. The envelope read, “A little sumphin’.” Something about small things that are so special. I carefully unwrapped the sweetest little gift – a small two inch by two inch tile of a little blue bird next to the word sing.”

Written in the card were these words:

“Dear Andrea,

Sing loud, sing strong the song you were always meant to sing, placed in your heart by God.

Love, Sara”

Sara has walked through much of my recent journey. I chuckled to myself, thinking back to the times when my singing was more like wailing, or sobbing, or any other sounds of deep sorrow that would escape past my lips. She had heard me sing these songs, but also songs of strength and joy.

Sing. Simple and yet profound. It is what God calls us to do – sing. We are to sing songs of our heart to Him at all times – in every circumstance. Songs of grief. Songs of joy. Songs of weariness. Songs of peace. Songs of loneliness. Songs of hope. Songs of life. We can sing the cries of our hearts.

We can sing loudly, strongly, weakly, weepingly and thankfully. We can sing His Word or sing no words at all, but only tears. We are to sing in the morning, when all seems crisp and clean and new and sing at night time when all is dark and fears encroach.

Psalm 64:7 says, “Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings.” He is our ever present helper and protector. He covers us with His wing, and we are safe, no matter what rages around or within us. He is trustworthy and more than able to care for us.

So, dear reader, sing today, the song you are meant to sing, placed in your heart by God, for you are loved and you are His. Your voice of your heart, sung to Him, is a sweet melody in His ear.


BKokko said...

Bravo, Andrea...encore, encore...

Anonymous said...

your entry made me always you have found a beautiful way to weave profound truth into the fabric of everyday life...
you are a beautiful person and i am so glad to be in the Conductor's choir with you my dear friend.... happy to celebrate YOU!!

as always, know that you are loved by me and the One who created your beautiful heart that contains your own melodious song...

sing on!!

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