Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tattooed Truth

The young woman’s long brown hair, twisted in to a braid, rested on her shoulders. The sun reflected off her skin, as she sat on the bow of the boat, dressed in a white t-shirt and khaki shorts. A camera hung from a black strap around her neck. She joined the sailing adventure in order to photograph the trip for a travel agency and intermittently would engage with her surroundings through the lens of the camera. Her feet were bare, with the simple words, “Learn and Live” tattooed on the inner side of her tan left foot.

I watched her go about her day, capturing the beauty of the sea and the shore through the lens of her camera, wondering about who she was and the meaning of her tattoo. “Learn and live.” Why these words? What did her story hold that made this phrase important in her life? Was it a reminder of something from her past or a goal for her future?

And what about me? If I was to pick a few words as my life, what would they be? What message reflects my experiences, my passion or my faith?

Trust God?

Forgiven and Free?

Be Strong and Courageous?

Have Faith?

Wait and Believe?

God is Faithful?

Work in Progress?

Maybe my “life words” change from day to day, week to week, year to year, or (humbly) mood to mood. But for today, and maybe for every tomorrow, if I was to permanently display a tattooed truth it would be “Loved.” As I would look at my feet walking the path that God set before me, I would desire to remember that, no matter what terrain, in any weather, I have been and forever will be loved by Him. And as others cross my path, I would want these same words to encourage and strengthen them, reminding them (you!) that they are loved with an unfailingly, abundant, extravagant love.

What about you? What would you choose?


Juanita said...

I think I would tattoo "Pressing on". It describes my life. Whether it's "pressing on" despite the challenges I am facing, or simply desiring to always be "pressing on" in my relationship with Christ, that is what I want to emulate to others.
Thanks for the challenge.

Andrea said...

Love it, Jaunita. That's a great one. Thank you for sharing with my readers.

Cheryl Barker said...

I like how you thought of "Loved", Andrea. That's something I need to reminded myself of again and again...

Anonymous said...

loved indeed...

you are loved!

mamabear said...

"Loved" --there would be no better one for me than that! Great post!

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