Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Bad Case of the "I am nots ..." (or is that Good?)

I gotta tell you, I started out the day with a long list of the “I am nots …”
I am not going to get everything done. I am not going to get to the store. I am not equipped for this job.  I am not going to get through this pile of paperwork. I am not going to get a chance to write a post. I am not going to make it … I am not. I am not. I am not.
And then I remembered a book that I recently read (and I am highly recommending it to you) – “I am not but I know I AM” by Louie Giglio.  Listen to that again. “I am not but I know I AM.” 
This is a great read.   Great points to ponder. Great truths to bask in.  In brief, the book is about embracing (and I don’t want to ruin it for you – you really should read it) God – the great I AM – who He is and who we are (and are not) in light of Who He is.
To give you a glimpse, the back cover reads, “I am not but God knows my name. I am not but He has pursued me in His love. I am not but I know the Creator of the universe. I am not but I have been invited into His story. I am not but I know I AM.”
As I page through the book this morning, reflecting on the truth and sweet relief that I do not have to worry about all that I am not, because I know I AM – and He is all I need – I am drawn to a couple of things I underscored when I read this book before.
·         “Everything does not hinge on me.  If I stop doing my part, the whole world will not fall apart.  I am not in control.  God made the made the world in six days without any input from me, or my assistance. God doesn’t need me to accomplish His work. I am little. God is huge. I trust Him.”
·         “The story already has a star, and the star is not you or me.  We’ll spend our days trying to hijack the Story of God, turning it into the story of us. We can choose to cling to starring roles in the little-bitty stories of us, or we can exchange our fleeting moment in the spotlight for a supporting role in the eternally beautiful epic that is the Story of God.”
Whew! I can already feel my heart beat slowing and my breathing normalize. The muscles in my neck are relaxing and the knots in my stomach are untwisting.  I can relax. I may not understand everything, maybe not even a little, but one thing I know for sure – I know I AM.  I may not know all of Him, but I know that He loves me, that He has a plan for me and that I am part of His story.
What about you, sweet friend? Are you finding yourself caught up in the ways that you are not this day?  Take heart, you are not because you can’t be, but God IS – and He loves you.
At the end of the book Mr. Giglio says this (and I’m going to give you only a snippet, because it is so good and I want you to read the book):
“When you cry out all the things that you are not, you’ll know His answer is, “I AM.  For every cry, there is one answer:
I need help.  I AM.
I need hope. I AM.
Who could possibly be smart enough to figure this out?  I AM.
What’s the latest thing? I AM.
Nothing’s real anymore. I AM.
Nobody’s listening to me. I AM.
... and on and on the list goes.  “I am not but I know I AM.” I love that. I love the Lord.  And that’s enough for me today.


Anonymous said...

Andrea, I really needed to hear this today. I too woke up thinking "I am not" thoughts. They can really hinder our works for God if we let them can't they? Thank you for reminding me that thinking "I am not" is robbing God of His glory. It is not allowing Him to accomplish His works in and through me. It is allowing pride to hinder me from being the person that God intended me to be this day. Instead of focusing on all the things I think I "am not", I need to be praying for God help me use the gifts He has blessed me with to accomplish His will for today. I may not be a lot of things, but I am beloved by God. We all are. Thank you for helping me to remember this today.

Andrea @ Unfailingly Loved said...

Dear friend:
Thank you for contributing to the conversation and sharing your thoughts. Yes, you are loved by God. It is a beautiful thing, and a great comfort and joy.

Glad to have helped ...

Crystal said...

Thank you, Andrea. I, too, could feel my burdens being lifted as I read your post...I am not...and it's okay...because, in all things, He is I AM...

I need to be reminded how much He desires that we allow Him to carry our heavy load...and He loves for us to find our rest in Him alone...

What comfort! Thank you, dear friend!

Anonymous said...

I Am
so. . .

Andrea @ Unfailingly Loved said...

Dearest Crystal:

I am so glad that you felt the lifting as you read the post. Praise God that He did so for your heart through such simple words. That He is the amazing "I AM" has really been on my mind all day -- it really brings things in to perspective, doesn't it? Praying for you right now ...


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