Friday, November 5, 2010

Working on NOT Digging and Hiding

I found myself in the garage of my mind today, rummaging around through bins and bushels for a pick and a shovel, plotting out where I was going to dig and bury something. Doubt and frustration stood nearby, breathing down my neck, ready to aid me in the earth moving expedition. Maybe you find yourself with tools in hand, scoping out a space, too -- a space to bury your God given abilities and gifts. 

That’s what the man who received one talent in Matthew 25 decided to do. He hid his talent in the ground – the talent that the Master gave him. When asked why, he responded with, “Master, I knew that you are a hard man, harvesting where you have not sown and gathering where you have not scattered seed, so I was afraid ....”
The talent in this story was a unit of weight (about 75 pounds) but it also can indicate an ability or gift that God gives us.  Gifts (not like presents that we unwrap or hold in our hand) but gifts like service, teaching, mercy, and administration – the talents that He gives us to do His work for Him.
The man didn’t care for His talent. He didn’t use it. He didn’t even know Who the Master was.  He was afraid, and so he hid it.
The problem is similar for me sometimes and I reach for the hole digging tools.  I find myself doubting whether God really gave me a gift and  I start to fear. I fear failure. I fear pride. I fear success. I fear criticism. I fear looking silly or dumb. I fear the unknown. I fear not knowing the details of how I’m going to do it, and sadly, I forget Who my Master is.
The evil one tries to whisper in my ear (or whap me over the head) with words like, “You really don’t have anything to offer. You should just stop doing what you are doing.  Really – it’s just a waste of time.” 
But here’s the truth – when God gives us the ability or the gift,  He is in it with us.  He does not give us the gift and then move along, abandoning us to do the work without His power and love. All things are possible with Him.  He equips us with everything good for doing His will.
I’ve exited the garage now, and left the tools behind. No more digging and hiding for me. I’m going to trust the Father with what He chooses to give me to help me do the work He calls me to do. I’m not going to give up. I’m not going to give in to the lies of the evil one.  I’m going to make sure that I spend time with the Lord, so that I know Him, and therefore, can boldly and wisely use my gift – not burry it!
How about you?  Like my littlest daughter, when she learned how to ride her bike yelling at the top of her lungs, “I was born to do this!” (click here for the story) I am finding confidence in God with the gifts that He gives me to love Him and encourage and strengthen others to love Him, as well.

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Anonymous said...

right on...write on!!!
you were born to do this, my friend....

you are loved!

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