Friday, November 12, 2010

The Roundabouts of Life

We are experiencing an outbreak of roundabouts in our area.  They are popping up at intersections here and there, like chicken pox on a child – and they can be perplexing.
My friend Susie and I were talking about these crazy circles this week, and she shared a story with me.
The father of her friend was driving along with her friend in the car.  They approached a roundabout and he, not aware of the crazy (but beneficial) concept of the roundabout, made an immediate left turn, heading the wrong way.
“Dad!  Watch out! You are supposed to go right and then turn off on the street that you need, once you come around to it.”
“What do you mean?” the older gentleman said, a bit confused and fed up, “Why in the world would I have to go right if I want to go left?”
I can relate to that at roundabouts (they are tricky!)  and I can relate on the roundabouts of life.
“Why in the world would I have to go right if I want to go left?”  Would you agree? 
Sometimes, it’s hard to understand why we have to go one way in order to get to the opposite direction. The path most obvious to me usually makes sense. I can see where I want to go, why not just go there? 
The problem is – I’m not the only one on the road. If I choose to go my way – instead of the Right way – I am likely to put myself in danger, my passengers in danger, and the other people around me in danger.  When we turn one way – opposite of the way God is calling – well, an accident is inevitable.  Going God’s way is the only way.
He has His reasons. Sometimes, we catch a glimpse.  Most times, we scratch our heads and wonder what in the world He’s up to. I think He’s OK with that.  It pushes us to ask questions about Him – to Him – and He’s all about having a relationship with us.
So, next time I am thinking I should be there and God turns me in the other direction, I’m going to go with God. He knows the right way for me. He knows what I need to see or hear or learn along the circular route that He takes me.  He knows what is best for those on board with me and those on the road with me. His timing is perfect, and His path is perfect, too.  One thing I know for sure -- He’ll keep me going in the right direction.
In retrospect, there are lots of times, indeed, when I thought I knew what was best, but God DID know what was best, and I'm so thankful for that.  What about you?
Can you remember a time when you wanted to go left, but God took you right first? Can you see His hand in it?


Fran said...

I am afraid I have struggled and still struggle with going one way when God has a "Roundabout" instead. At this moment, I have written on a card that sets on my quiet time table "Seek Him at absolutely every turn and before ANY decision is made." I need the continual reminder. The habit of perpetually choosing Him in every aspect of life, every day, has been a discipline in my life I long to continue to grow. Great post, Andrea.

Niki Turner said...

Ha ha! Our tiny town just got its very first roundabout, and what an uproar it created!
Interestingly enough, according to statistics, roundabouts are considered "traffic calmers." They get drivers to slow down and pay attention better than stop signs or lights. I think that's what God's roundabouts do in our lives... as we go around (sometimes more than once) we have an opportunity to calm down, evaluate, and figure out where we're supposed to be going.
Awesome analogy!

Andrea @ Unfailingly Loved said...

Dear Fran and Niki:

Thanks for adding to the conversation! Seeking Him in any decision -- right or left -- great point, Fran! And, Niki, love the "traffic calmers." A great way to look at them and roundabouts in life --

Have a blessed day!


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