Monday, January 24, 2011

Children's Bible Give Away!

This is a first for me!  This week I am offering a FREE copy of a children's Bible!

Thomas Nelson publishing contacted me to review their newest children’s bible AND  they gave me an extra copy to give away to my readers.  Below is my review, with details on how to enter for the FREE copy, to follow.

I sat down and read through the Read and Share Bible with my two youngest girls, ages 7 and 10 – and they really enjoyed it!
·         They liked the bold illustrations.  The “good” characters look friendly and brave; the “bad” characters do not look scary. I appreciate this as a mom. We don’t need to open any doors for nightmares.
·         We all enjoyed the open ended discussion question at the end of each story.  They helped us talk through the story and get excited about the next one.
·         My oldest daughter liked the titles for many of the stories.  Often they used alliteration, making them fun to say and interesting for children, like “Jesus with the Temple Teachers,”  “Writing on the Wall,” “Pushing the Pillars,” and “Seven Dips in the Jordan River.”
·         The stories are short (which helps with young attention spans!) but give a good representation of the full story from the bible. In addition, the scripture reference is sited below each title, so that you can go to a bigger bible and get more information on the story.
You can view an excerpt from the story of Noah's Ark here.
I think that his is a sweet bible for children in the toddler, preschool and young elementary age, and I recommend it!
As for the FREE copy?
Simply leave your name in the comment area below, add yourself as a follower or e-mail me at  I will gather the names and chose one at the end of this week, and post the winner on Friday, January 28, so stop on back and see if you are the one!  If so, I will mail it out to you ASAP!


Andy and Katie said...

We love this Bible! In fact, our copy is in 2 pieces right now! I'd love another one! :)

Karen Y. said...

This Bible looks adorable! Something I could really read to my two little boys!

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