Saturday, January 22, 2011

Taking the Test, Doing My Best and Trusting Him for the Rest

This past Thursday night I spoke to a great group of gals at my children’s school.  The purpose of the, a “Mom’s Night In,” was to bring the women together for fun, fellowship and encouragement.
We enjoyed yummy food, a time to get know each other through a silly icebreaker, and competitive (or not so competitive) ugly slipper contest.  A skit (or rather, a sketch, if you may know the difference – I didn’t)about how overwhelmed and stretched we can be as mom’s preceded my talk, and after I spoke,  we ended the evening with tons of fun “give-aways”, table favors to take home. Mixed in it all was shared  a few good laughs and even some tears. 
I spoke on “Abiding in Jesus” from John 15, sharing about the vine, the branches, the fruit, things that we tend to abide in -- false vines --  and Who we really need to abide in -- Jesus. Truth is,  although I studied the passage and wrote the talk, I needed to listen to my own words.
I’m glad that I did. 
The day started out with a lot of attack.  Weird things, one right after another throughout the day – some personal and some practical.  I’m still shaking my head over a few of them, and although I’d rather not get in to the details in this venue, trust me, there were some odd, unexpected twists in the landscape of my day.
I’ve heard it said that we take the test after we study.  This was undeniably the case this time.  But all day long, I just kept on taking the test, filling in the dots with the truths that I knew, in answer to the circumstances and temptations that arose.  I was bound and determined to practice what I preached.  I was going to stay continually connected to the Source of my strength, Jesus, no matter what. 
And again, I’m glad that I did.
It was a great joy to share with these special women. I loved it. I love them.  I know that God loves them even more. 
And as I placed my head on my pillow that night, I thought to myself, “I’m not sure what grade I got (actually, thankful that God doesn’t grade – I’m sure I’d either be filled with pride or discouragement, depending on where it landed on His scale) but I know that I took the test, did my best and trusted in His grace for the rest.”

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lisasmith said...

That's what grace does, it gives us a passing grade!! Sounds like a wonderful night =)

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