Friday, January 14, 2011

In Need of Some Insight Today

I poured myself a bowl of Special K, added some milk and drizzled some honey over the flakes. Standing by my kitchen counter, I looked out the window on to our snowy back yard, and began to mechanically take in my breakfast, while I prayed, “Lord, I need some insight today.”
I then quietly moved around the house attending to some housekeeping issues.  With two children home from school for “post final exam renewal” I did not want to wake them, both for their sake, and truthfully, for mine. I need time.
I poured a Diet Coke over ice. A DC at 8:30 AM is a bit early for me, but I was up at 4:30 AM to work on the study I am writing and teaching on the Book of Acts and already polished off a half a pot of coffee. It was more like noon in my mind and I was ready for a change in beverage.
“Lord, I need some insight today. Some Holy Insight.”
I have been praying it all morning. My mind feels way to full with “other” things, and I am having a hard time focusing.  Writing this study is challenging, and although I love the process, it does not come easily. I know very little about the book of Acts. I am learning a lot. I am learning to trust more.
But today, I find myself sitting here, needing a serious dose of insight.  Looking for insight. Praying for insight.  Trusting God for insight.  Holy Insight.
It doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes it feels as if I have to wrestle it out of the Spirit (if that is even possible) and other times it just pops in to my mind. I guess there are no set rules for gaining insight.
But I am also realizing that there are some tools –
·         Opening my bible. I can’t learn and see the truth unless I am willing to look at what God says. Today I am studying the life of Stephen. Ah, yes, there is a lot of Holy Insight here.  I am sure of it.  I just need to see it.
·         Being obedient to what God has called me to do – not just in writing this lesson, but in being a wife, a mother, a friend, a writer. It is looking for Him as I move about in the day, asking Him to give me fresh insight through the circumstances around me -- even laundry and dishes.
·         Praying – that’s the seeing part, I am almost sure. Asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to me what He wants me to see.
That’s where my head is today. Nothing profound, really.  Just a need and prayer.
Maybe you are in need of insight today. Insight on what to do next. Insight on how to parent or on how to deal with a difficult situation in your marriage. Maybe you need insight in to what to write in a letter to a friend who needs hope. Maybe you need insight in to your own heart, where you are struggling to believe in God's promises and love for you.  
My encouragement to you, today, dear reader is to take a deep breath, open His Word and read,  be obedient to your calling and pray.  I believe that God is faithful to show up and show Himself to us in the way that we need to see – today. 
I am trusting Him in it for myself and I am trusting Him to do the same for you.

Hmmm ... I think I have an idea coming -- but to working on the study on Stephen ...

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Cherie Hill said...

It seems that you have found the keys to hearing from God sister! Opening the Word and Prayer. There is simply no other way. I've had a writing cramp for the past year . .. haha. It's been interesting, I've learned more than ever that if I'm not connected to the vine continually, I am able to do nothing. Funny how God's Word is always true! ;)
I'll be praying for you . . . that God brings insight in ways that make you marvel at how awesome He is! Blessings,

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