Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Beauty of Bridges

I'm a big fan of bridges – especially foot bridges.
I like them spanning over streams or small rivers and covered by a canopy of trees. I especially like them handmade; each one is unique.
I’m drawn to them.
They beckon me forward to experience them and to venture in to the space that is on the other side.
I like walking over foot bridges, feeling the sound of the water on my feet. I like watching the  water wash past me.  There is a sense of being suspended above, and yet standing firm on a bridge.
They remind me that when I come upon places in my life that appear impassable – the Lord makes a way. 
They are a picture of a place where He lays down His grace, handmade and unique, helping to bring me from here to there, across ravines and rivers, on this journey of life.
Today I’m thinking of some of these places of grace that He laid down in my life, where I have walked suspended and yet with my feet firm confident in Him, over areas that I could not pass on my own.
It's a beautiful thing. God lays down His grace and it is amazing.


Deidra said...

Amazing sweet the sound.


(Found you through!)

I am a Woman of God said...

Loving this blog. Thank you.

Christian Woman

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