Monday, April 11, 2011

A Resurrection Tradition

My two youngest daughters and I created our family tradition of the Resurrection Basket this weekend.  We had a lot of fun designing our own versions. We made one for our home and they each made one for their teachers.
I broke away from the “basket” version and decided to use my grandmother’s old soup terrine.  Instead of using flowers like I did last year (click here for last years post and picture), I arranged little house plants in the container and surrounded them with moss.  I inserted the usual – a cross, the nail, the purple ribbon, the little piece of towel, a twig of thorns from a rose bush and a stone. 
It is special for me to use something old and meaningful and this year I am calling it the “Resurrection Garden.”

The girls picked out cute Easter baskets from a local hobby store. At half-off, they were a deal!  They chose small flowering plants, and worked hard at creating their own rendition of the Resurrection Basket, including the handcrafting of their own wooden cross by tying two sticks together, gathered from our yard.
It’s a fun tradition for our family and it gets us talking and thinking about the real meaning of Easter. 
What Easter traditions does your family do?

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