Thursday, April 28, 2011

Your Story Matters

Your story matters.

It’s true.

But sometimes we don’t believe it, do we?
We think that it is too dull or too traumatic or too disturbing or too ________.  You fill in the blank.
We fear embarrassment or, worse yet, rejection. We fear that others will think we are ugly and turn away. Or we think that our story is not important or as powerful as someone else’s story.  Or someone has told us – not with their words, perhaps – but with their actions, that our story doesn’t matter.
Lies. Lies. Lies.
May I say it again?
Your story matters.
Our stories are complicated, often confusing.  Bits and pieces of our lives are woven together, impacting one another, at times not really making sense, and yet, all forming the whole of who we are, and who God is using.
The evil one wants you to think your story is not important.  He doesn’t want you to share your story – for even though it may be difficult and painful, when you ask God into it and allow Him to use it – it brings the Lord glory – and the evil ones hates that. Really hates that.
Dear friend, I just want you to know that your story matters – because YOU MATTER.
Your story is important. I do not know how or when the Lord may use it, but I believe when we you bring it to Him, He will begin to show you the truth in it and He will use it. He may be asking you to tell it -- or maybe not now. He may be using it to work deep inside of you, as He prepares you for something in the future. He may choose to have it in a book, spoken from a platform, or flashed across the movie screen. Or it may never be shared outwardly, but rather fuel your passion to help others – perhaps others who need someone one who understands.
That’s all for today.  Just a note from someone who cares about you, relayed from a God who cares even more.  You are loved and made for a purpose and your story is part of His plan to bring change and hope and healing to a broken world.
He uses brokenness – brokenness that we have caused within ourselves and brokenness that has occurred to us – to make a difference. 
How He does it? I’ll never know. But I believe it is true, and I know He loves you.
Your story matters. It's true.


Darlene Shortridge said...

Another lovely post! Love the earnest way your compassion shows through your writing.

Friend said...

I so enjoy all of your writings! Today this one really hit me. I have come to believe God puts us in places where we are able to use our stories to help other and also to help us grow in our faith and trust in him.THrough our joy and pain in our lives bring us to who we are.
Thank you for reminding me that my story is important and hopefully I will appreciate and use it as God intended.

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