Monday, May 2, 2011

In to a Beautiful Space

I’ve been in some very beautiful places.
The Rocky Mountains.
On the beach with waves tickling my feet.
A kayak on an early morning on a lake.
A comfy chair in front of a fire place, surrounded by my family.
My backyard on a warm summer day.
Hospital rooms on the days my children were born.
But nearly nothing compares to the places that I would not really describe as beautiful at first, but after time, have become my most lovely of spaces.
They are not necessarily places that I have stood on – but rather places and times that I have stood in.
Places and times of sorrow and grief, when I thought my heart would melt, not being strong enough to hold itself together.  Places and times when an echo inside of me bounced back in forth in the cavern of my loneliness. Places and times of grave uncertainty when the bottom was not in view and the sky was occluded with darkness. Places and times of fear when my stomach churned upon itself and my head throbbed rhythmically, repeatedly in sync with my heart beat. Times and places of facing the impossible, in the face.
But oddly enough, it is in these places that outwardly – inwardly – were not destination places that I chose, that the Lord brought me in to a beautiful space.
A space of grace.
A space of trust.
A space of peace.
A space filled with Him.
A place and space that I would not have – could not have – known other than by walking down the corridor of those other times and places.
May I pray?
Dear Lord:
“… But You brought us to a place of abundance” (Psalm 66:12). Thank you for your tender care, for loving us so much as to teach us what we need to know and make us in to who we are, through all of life’s circumstances.  Help us to see that even during times of trial and heartache, you are with us.  Help us to believe that these are indeed places of abundance -- spaces filled with You.

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Jennie said...

Thank you, dear friend. I needed that.

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