Monday, May 16, 2011

Rummage Sale Mahem

That’s what I'm calling it.
I’m up and over my eyebrows with rummage. Rummage here. Rummage there.  Rummage, rummage everywhere.  We can hardly walk through the garage and we have more items stored outside in a covered trailer. Yikes!
My intentions were – are – good.  In an attempt to help raise funds for our team to travel to Zambia, Africa this summer, on a mission trip to help at the Villages of Hope orphanage, (click here to read more about the trip) I thought it was a good idea to host a rummage sale.
Really (I’m partly trying to convince myself, when I say this), I still do think it is a good idea, it’s just that – well, let’s say – organizing a rummage sale is not really in line with my gifting, and perhaps, not even in my skill set.
Overall, I am an organizer, but sorting and displaying the equivalent of a small store’s load of merchandise, is not my thing.  It stresses me out.
However, I’m leaning in to the process and along with the help of other team members and friends, we are making progress.
People have been so generous in giving us items to help us out.  From tables to tea cups and stereos to snowsuits, we have clothes, toys, books, pots and pans, pillows, furniture and much, much more.  You get the picture.  Basically, your common rummage sale fair AND some interesting items to keep it, well – interesting. 
There is one piece that has brought some added delight in to the process -- a bizarre little pink, ceramic weaner dog. 
We’ve yet to figure out its purpose, but I’m getting a kick out of it. I think it's cute, in a silly, whimsical way.
I’m thinking toothpick holder?
Someone else suggest it was a planter?
One other friend suggested that perhaps it would make a cute business card holder? I like that.
A Q-tip holder?
I’m open for ideas! 
Maybe I’ll even sneak it out of the sale and keep it as a reminder … a reminder that, even when we aren’t good at something, it’s still good to do it for the Lord.  I’m counting on the fact that He knows my motivation and will bless our team with some additional income, and teach me a little something in the process -- like maybe, patience?
Feel free to pray for us J -- and come and shop if you’re in the area. You just never know what  practical (or bizarre) treasure you may find. J

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