Monday, May 23, 2011

Rummage Sale Update

My friend sat down on an old chair, clutching a pair of used, white Canadian ice skates in her arms.
“I’ve always wanted my own skates!  Do you think these could actually fit me?”
She leaned over, and slipped her foot in to one of the skates and then the other.  True to the Cinderella fairy tale, they fit perfectly.
Tears ran down her face.  Tears ran down our faces. 
“Oh, my!” she inhaled with joy, “They fit! They actually fit!  This is a dream come true, since I was a little girl!”
It was so beautiful!  She was so beautiful!
Truth be told, not every sale at the rummage sale to help fund raise for our mission trip to work at the orphanage in Zambia was quite that exciting or touching. However,  it was definitely one of the many blessings that we – the members of the Zambia team and our happy helpers – received over the past few days.
The Lord and His amazing provision knocked the wind out of me!
AND … Whew!

I’m still trying to catch my breath.

·         35 families donated items to the sale.
·         Multiple people came by and helped price and organize before the sale.
·         Friends helped out during the sale, dragging more items out as they came in, and helping customers
·         Profits exceeded $2,100! 
·         People showed interest in our trip and we were able to share about the orphanage!
My garage – still – feels like the widows jar that never emptied.  It remains full (due to an early closure because of rain), therefore  … we’ve decided a BLOW OUT SALE is in order. We’ll drag the “stuff” out one more time this Thursday and try to finish off with a BIG BANG, before donating it to a local thrift store.
Deep breath in and deep breath out. That’s what we are doing. 
Stunned by God and humbled by His personal care, through people – people willing to donate, people willing to help and people willing to buy.
God is amazing. God’s people are amazing.
We find ourselves (almost) speechless.
Thanks for journeying along with us and supporting us through your encouragement and prayers. 
We are grateful to the Lord for you.

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